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Device Elements; Start Up; Operation - Kärcher IVC 60/24-2 Ap Manual

Vacuum cleaner.
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Device elements

1 Power cord
2 Nameplate
3 Filter dedusting
4 Flat fold filter
5 Suction head
6 Handle of the suction head
7 Right unlocking of the placement me-
8 Intermediate ring
9 Steering roller of the dirt container
10 Stopper
11 Dirt receptacle
12 Left unlocking of the placement me-
13 Wheel
14 Suction head lock
15 locking door of the suction nozzle
16 Steering roller of the chassis with park-
ing brake
17 Floor nozzle holder
18 Chassis
19 Drain pan
20 Handle of the dirt container
21 Suction support
22 Holder for suction pipe
23 Rotating knob
24 Filter cover
25 Button for filter shake off system
26 Cable clamp
27 Push handle

Start up

 Bring the appliance to working position
- secure it, if required, with parking
 Insert the suction hose (not included)
into the suction hose connection.
 Check the fill level in the dirt container
prior to starting work and empty the
container if necessary.
 Ensure that the dirt container has been
inserted properly.
 Attach the desired accessories (not in-
The flat pleated filter must always be in
place while vacuuming.
Dirt receptacle
Note: The dirt container needs to be emp-
tied if it is full until about 3 cm below the up-
per rim.
Check the fill level of the dirt container
at regular intervals, as the appliance
does not shut off automatically.
Dry vacuum cleaning
Please note the following when switch-
ing from wet to dry vacuum cleaning:
If you vacuum dry dust while the filter ele-
ment is still wet the filter will become ob-
structed and may be damaged beyond
 Dry the wet filter properly before use or
replace it with a dry one.
 Change the filter, if required, according
to instructions under the section "Main-
tenance and Care".
Wet vacuum cleaning
Caution: Constantly monitor the fill level
in the dirt receptacle when vacuuming
high volumes of liquid, as the receptacle
can be filled within a matter of seconds
and could overflow.
Please observe the local provisions regard-
ing the wastewater treatment.
If wet dirt is vacuumed with the crevice
nozzle or if high volumes of liquid are
sucked up from a container, it is recom-
mended to deactivate the "Semi-auto-
matic filter dedusting" function.
After the wet vacuuming: Clean the flat
folded filter with the filter cleaning.
Clean the flat-fold filter. Clean the con-
tainer with a damp rag and dry it.
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