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Troubleshooting - Kärcher FC 5 Manual

Washing vacuum cleaner.
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Table of Contents
 Remove the waste water tank from the appliance.
See Chapter "Emptying the waste water tank".
 Clean the lid/separator and waste water tank with
tap water.
 The waste water tank can also be cleaned in the
 After cleaning, put the waste water tank with lid
back into the appliance.
Detergents and care products
The use of unsuitable cleaning and disinfecting agents
can damage the appliance and will void the warranty.
Add cleaning or disinfecting agent as required.
 When dosing the detergent and care product, fol-
low the manufacturer's dosage instructions.
 To prevent foaming, first fill the fresh water tank
with water then cleaning or disinfecting agent.
 To avoid exceeding the "MAX" fill level on the fresh
water tank, leave room for the cleaning or disinfect-
ing agent when filling with water.


Often, failures have simple causes and you can do the
troubleshooting yourself using the following overview. If
you are in doubt or if the failure is not listed here please
contact the authorized customer service.
Lack of roller moistening with fresh water
Filter inlay is not inserted.
 Remove fresh water tank and insert filter inlay with
rubber pin facing upwards.
Filter inlay is inserted the wrong way round.
 Remove filter inlay and insert with pin facing up-
The suction hose is blocked by deposits of dirt.
 Carefully remove the suction hoses from the suc-
tion head and basic unit.
 Place the suction hoses in cold water for 10–20
 Clean suction hoses with a dull object and/or under
running water.
Appliance is not sucking up dirt
No water in the water reservoir.
 Refill water
Fresh water tank does not fit properly in the device.
 Insert the fresh water tank so that it sits snugly in
the appliance.
Cleaning rollers missing or not fitted correctly.
 Fit the cleaning rollers or turn them onto the roller
holder up to the mechanical stop.
Cleaning rollers are contaminated or worn.
 Clean the cleaning rollers.
 Replace the cleaning rollers.
Rollers do not turn
Rollers are blocked.
 Remove rollers and check if an object or the power
cord has become stuck in the rollers.
Loud rattling when switched on
Rollers are too dry.
 Moisten the rollers/the device with 200 ml of water
in the park station.
Rattling noise in the suction head
There are parts (e.g. stones or splinters).
 Remove suction head lid and clean the suction
See Chapter "Cleaning the suction head".
Suction power decreases
The suction ducts and slits on the suction head are
 Remove suction head lid and clean the suction
See Chapter "Cleaning the suction head".
Appliance is leaking waste water.
Waste water tank is overfilled.
 Empty the waste water tank right away.
See Chapter "Cleaning the waste water tank".
Waste water tank does not fit properly in the appliance.
 Check whether the lid is fit securely on the waste
water tank.
See Chapter "Cleaning the waste water tank".
Separator is blocked.
 Remove lid from the waste water tank and clean
the separator.
See Chapter "Cleaning the waste water tank".
The filter net of the waste water tank separator was
damaged during cleaning.
 Renew separator.
Appliance leaves streaks behind on the floor
Cleaning or disinfecting agents are not suitable for the
appliance or were dosed incorrectly.
 Only use detergents and care products approved
by the manufacturer.
See chapter "Detergents and care products".
 Follow the manufacturer's dosage instructions.
The initial moistening of the rollers was not used or was
not used long enough, meaning that the rollers are not
completely moistened (rollers therefore only clean par-
 Completely moisten rollers.
Removing the handle from the basic unit
Do not remove the handle from the basic unit once it has
been assembled.
The handle may only be removed from the basic unit if
the unit is sent out for service purposes.
See illustration at the end of the operating instructions
 Insert screwdriver at a 90 degree angle in the small
opening at the rear side of the handle and remove
Please ensure that the connection cable between the
basic unit and the handle are not damaged.
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Table of Contents

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