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Pointer to a possibly dangerous
situation, which can lead to mi-
nor injuries.
Pointer to a possibly dangerous
situation, which can lead to
property damage.
Electric components
 Never use the appliance in
pools containing water.
 Check the faultless condition
of the appliance and the ac-
cessories before using it.
Otherwise, the appliance
must not be used.
 If the power cord is damaged,
please arrange immediately
for the exchange by an au-
thorized customer service or
a skilled electrician.
 Never touch the mains plug
and the socket with wet
 Turn off the appliance and re-
move the mains plug prior to
any care and maintenance
 Repair works may only be
performed by the authorized
customer service.
 The connection between the
power cord and extension ca-
ble must not lie in water.
 The appliance may only be
connected to an electric sup-
ply that has been installed by
an electrician in accordance
with IEC 60364.
 The appliance may only be
connected to alternating cur-
rent. The voltage must corre-
spond with the type plate of
the appliance.
 In wet rooms, e.g. bathrooms,
connect the appliance to
sockets with a series con-
nected RCD adapter.
 Only use splash-proof electri-
cal extension cables with a
minimum cross-section of
3x1 mm²
 Replace couplings at the
power cord or extension ca-
ble only with couplings that
have the same protection
against splashing water and
the same mechanical
 Make sure that the power
cord or extension cable is not
damaged by running over,
pinching, dragging or the like.
Protect the power cords from
heat, oil, and sharp edges.
Safe handling
 The user must use the appli-
ance as intended. The person
must consider the local condi-
tions and must pay attention
to other persons in the vicinity
when working with the appli-
 The appliance may not be op-
erated in explosive atmos-
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Table of Contents

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