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FC 5
FC 5 Premium
Floor Cleaner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Limpiador de piso . . . . . . . . . . . .22
Nettoyant pour sols. . . . . . . . . . .44
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Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Kärcher FC 5

  • Page 1 FC 5 FC 5 Premium OPERATOR MANUAL Floor Cleaner ....2 MANUAL DE USUARIO Limpiador de piso ... .22 MANUEL D’UTILISATION...
  • Page 3: Proper Use

    Proper use Specifications This device is designed for cleaning – Power connection sealed hard floors only in house- Voltage hold applications. Do not clean unsealed floors such – as untreated cork floors (the mois- Protective class ture could penetrate and damage Protection class IPX4 the floor).
  • Page 4: Customer Support

    The scope of delivery of the device is il- Call: 01-800-024-13-13 for help or visit lustrated on the packaging. Check the our website: contents of the device for complete- ness when unpacking. In the event of missing accessories or any transport damage, please contact your dealer.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using this device basic precau- The voltage indicated on the type – tions should always be followed, in- plate must correspond to the supply cluding the following: voltage. Do not pull or carry by the cord, do –...
  • Page 6 Keep your hands protected while – PROP 65 WARNING cleaning the suction head- risk of in- This product may contain one or more jury from sharp objects (e.g. splin- chemicals known to the state of Cali- ters). fornia to cause cancer and birth de- fects or other reproductive harm.
  • Page 7 Cord clip Detergent RM 534 Carrying handle Detergent RM 535 Waste water tank/separator lid Detergent RM 536 Waste water tank Detergent RM 537 Roller release grip **Cleaning rollers 2 x Cleaning rollers ** FC 5 Premium Suction head cover English 7...
  • Page 8 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Insert handle into the basic unit as  far as it goes until you hear it click. 8 English...
  • Page 9 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Before use, check the floor for wa-  General operating information ter consistency at suspect areas. Do not clean unsealed floors, such CAUTION as untreated cork floors where moisture can penetrate and dam- To avoid tripping on cord, hold device age floor.
  • Page 10 ATTENTION Fill fresh water reservoir *Follow recommended dosage instruc- ATTENTION tions on the detergent. Store device in storage station when 1 Open fresh water tank lock. not in use. A lack of stability can cause 2 Fill fresh water tank with cold or device to tip over leaking fluid and lukewarm tap water.
  • Page 11 Operating device CAUTION Cleaning rollers will start to rotate when device is powered on. Hold the handle tight to prevent the device from moving forward by itself. ATTENTION The device should only be operated with water. Before operating, ensure fresh water tank is full and waste water tank is empty.
  • Page 12 When Not Operating ATTENTION Store device in storage station when not in use. A lack of stability can cause device to tip over leaking fluid and causing floor damage. Press On/Off button to power OFF  device. Place device into storage station. ...
  • Page 13 1 Remove tank cap. Refill detergent 2 Fill the fresh water tank with cold or ATTENTION lukewarm tap water. Do not exceed "MAX" fill line. Before filling the fresh water tank, emp- 3 KÄRCHER detergents can be add- ty waste water tank to avoid overflow- ed to fresh water tank as required.* ing.
  • Page 14 1 Remove lid from waste water tank. Emptying waste Water tank 2 Empty waste water tank and rinse ATTENTION with tap water. 3 To secure lid, place on waste water After cleaning is finished, clean device tank and press until it clicks. in rinse cycle.
  • Page 15 Empty both fresh and waste water  Press On/Off button to power tanks. OFF. ATTENTION After completing the work, clean the appliance by applying a rinse cycle. See "Cleaning the appliance by rins- ing". Press On/Off button to power OFF ...
  • Page 16 CARE AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Cleaning device ATTENTION Rinse the device with fresh water in the storage station when finished using. Press On/Off button to power OFF  device. Place device into storage station.  Empty any remaining liquid in fresh ...
  • Page 17 ATTENTION Cleaning rollers Do not use: ATTENTION After cleaning, allow the rollers to  To prevent liquid from leaking from air-dry. tanks, empty fresh and waste water Screw cleaning rollers in until tight  tanks before laying device on ground. Note If rollers are excessively dirty, remove from device and clean.
  • Page 18 If necessary, remove particle de-  Cleaning the suction head posits from suction ducts and slits in ATTENTION the suction head cover. To avoid performance issues, clean Clean the suction head with a damp  device if large debris. While the appli- cloth.
  • Page 19 Note Clean waste water tank The waste water tank can also be ATTENTION cleaned in the dishwasher. Regularly clean waste water tank to After cleaning, attach lid and insert  prevent blockage to separator and to waste water tank into device. prevent dirt from building in tank.
  • Page 20 TROUBLESHOOTING DANGER Turn off the appliance and remove the mains plug prior to any care and main- tenance work. Failures are often simple and can be fixed using the following guidelines. If the issue is not listed here, please con- tact customer service.
  • Page 21 Rollers do not turn Streaks on floor Rollers are blocked. Detergent used was not effective or im- Remove rollers and check if an ob- properly used.  ject is blocking rollers. Only use detergents approved by  See "Cleaning the rollers". KÄRCHER.

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