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Troubleshooting; Warranty; Accessories And Spare Parts En - Kärcher Puzzi 400 K Manual

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Danger of injury by electric shock.
First pull out the plug from the mains be-
fore carrying out any tasks on the ma-
Get the electrical components checked
and repaired only by authorised cus-
tomer service persons.
Contact an authorised customer service
person in case of problems not men-
tioned in this chapter or if you are in
doubt or when you have been explicitly
asked to do so.
Device is not sucking in detergent
 Clean the screen in the float box.
 Clean the screen in the detergent tank.
 Check the spray hose.
Insufficient working pressure
 Check the settings of the water volume
regulating valve.
 Replace nozzle mouth pieces.
Spray stream one-sided
 Clean nozzle mouthpiece.
Insufficient vacuum performance
 Check the correct positioning of the lid.
 Clean seal on lid and surface on the ap-
 Clean the fluff filter.
 Check suction hose for blockages;
clean if required.
 Check the swimmer.
Swimmer is interrupting the suction
 Empty the waste water container or
check the disposal hose, connect and
switch on the disposal pump.
 Prevent foam generation when adding
detergent RM 761 to the wastewater
air flow
The warranty terms published by the rele-
vant sales company are applicable in each
country. We will repair potential failures of
your appliance within the warranty period
free of charge, provided that such failure is
caused by faulty material or defects in man-
ufacturing. In the event of a warranty claim
please contact your dealer or the nearest
authorized Customer Service centre.
Please submit the proof of purchase.
Accessories and Spare Parts
Only use accessories and spare parts
which have been approved by the man-
ufacturer. The exclusive use of original
accessories and original spare parts
ensures that the appliance can be oper-
ated safely and trouble free.
At the end of the operating instructions
you will find a selected list of spare parts
that are often required.
For additional information about spare
parts, please go to the Service section
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