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 If the appliance is used in
hazardous areas the corre-
sponding safety provisions
must be observed.
 Do not use the appliance if it
fell down, is visibly damaged
or leaking.
 The appliance must not be
operated by children or per-
sons who have not been in-
structed accordingly.
 This appliance is not intended
for use by persons with limit-
ed physical, sensory or men-
tal capacities or lacking expe-
rience and/or skills, unless
such persons are accompa-
nied and supervised by a per-
son in charge of their safety
or they have received precise
instructions on the use of this
appliance and have under-
stood the resulting risks.
 Children must not play with
this appliance.
 Supervise children to prevent
them from playing with the
 Keep appliance out of reach
of children as long as it is
switched on or hasn't cooled
 Operate or store the appli-
ance only in accordance with
the description or illustration!
 Create stability for the appli-
ance prior to any work on or
with the appliance to prevent
accidents or damage.
 Never fill solvents, solvent-
containing liquids or undiluted
acids (e.g. detergents, petrol,
paint thinner, and acetone)
into the water reservoir as
these substances corrode the
materials used in the appli-
 Never leave the appliance
unattended as long as it is in
 Keep parts of the body (e.g.
hair, fingers) away from the
rotating cleaning rollers.
 Keep your hands protected
while cleaning the suction
head- risk of injury from sharp
objects (e.g. splinters).
 Only switch on the appliance
when the fresh water tank
and waste water tank are fit-
 The appliance must not be
used for the intake of sharp or
large objects (e.g. shards,
pebbles, toy parts).
 Do not add acetic acids, des-
caling agents, essential oils
or similar substances to the
fresh water tank. Also ensure
that the substances are not
drawn in.
 The air vents on the appli-
ance must not be blocked up.
 Only use this appliance on
hard floors with waterproof
coatings (e. g. varnished par-
quet, enamelled tiles, Linole-
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