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Safety Door Switch; Latch Release Switch - Epson RC700 Manual

Robot controller.
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9.1.1 Safety Door Switch

■ The interlock of the Safety Door must be functioning when the robot system is
operated. Do not operate the system under the condition that the switch cannot
be turned ON/OFF (e.g. The tape is put around the switch.). Operating the robot
system when the switch is not functioning properly is extremely hazardous and
may cause serious safety problems as the Safety Door input cannot fulfill its
intended function.
In order to maintain a safe working zone, a safeguard must be erected around the
Manipulator. The safeguard must have an interlock switch at the entrance to the working
zone. The Safety Door that is described in this manual is one of the safeguards and an
interlock of the Safety Door is called a Safety Door switch. Connect the Safety Door
switch to the Safety Door input terminal on the EMERGENCY connector.
The Safety Door switch has safety features such as temporary hold-up of the program or
the operation-prohibited status that are activated whenever the Safety Door is opened.
Observe the followings in designing the Safety Door switch and the Safety Door.
- For the Safety Door switch, select a switch that opens as the Safety Door opens, and
- The signal from the Safety Door (Safety Door input) is designed to input to two
- The Safety Door must be designed and installed so that it does not close accidentally.

9.1.2 Latch Release Switch

The controller software latches these conditions:
The EMERGENCY connector has an input terminal for a latch release switch that cancels
the latched conditions.
Closed : The latch release switch releases the latched conditions.
When the latched TEACH mode is released while the safety door is open, the status of
Manipulator power is operation-prohibited because the safety door is open at that time.
To execute a Manipulator operation, close the safety door again, and then close the latch
release input.
RC700 / RC700-A Rev.23
not by the spring of the switch itself.
redundant signals. If the signals at the two inputs differ by two seconds or more, the
system recognizes it to be a critical error. Therefore, make sure that the Safety Door
switch has two separate redundant circuits and that each connects to the specified pins
at the EMERGENCY connector on the Controller.
- The safety door is open.
- The operation mode is set to "TEACH".
: The latch release switch latches conditions that the safety door is open or the
operation mode is "TEACH".
Setup & Operation 9. EMERGENCY


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