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Bosch UniversalGardenTidy Series Original Instructions Manual page 19


Table of Contents
Possible Cause
Mains socket faulty
Extension cable damaged
Fuse faulty / blown
Motor protector has activated
Product runs intermit-
Extension cable damaged
Internal wiring of product defective
On/Off switch defective
Motor protector has activated
Excessive vibrations/
Product defective or blocked
Product does not blow/
Tube obstructed
Tube cannot be moun-
Incorrect assembly
ted on the product
Vacuuming speed
Collection bag full
slows down
Bag inlet connector obstructed
Fan/volute blocked with debris.
Whistling sound in the
Fan/volute blocked with debris.
vacuum tube
Machine does not blow Fan obstructed
Variable speed not
Component fault
Maintenance and Service
Maintenance, cleaning and Storage (see figures
P and Q)
Before any work on the product, disconnect supply
cord from the mains.
For safe and proper working, always keep the product
For optimum use, clean the fan and the area around the fan
after each use.
To ensure safe and efficient operation, always keep the
product and the ventilation slots clean.
Remove dirt on the product or the collection bag with a
moist cloth or stiff brush.
Never spray the product with water.
Never immerse the product in water.
Store the product in a secure, dry place, out of the reach of
Do not place other objects on the product.
Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to ensure safe working
with the product.
Bosch Power Tools
Corrective Action
Use another socket.
Inspect cable, replace if damaged.
Replace fuse.
Allow motor to cool down and check that fan is
not blocked.
Inspect cable, replace if damaged.
Contact Service Agent.
Contact Service Agent.
Allow motor to cool down and check that fan is
not blocked.
Check the fan area for debris and clean if neces-
sary. Contact Service agent if no difference iden-
Clear tube.
Aee "assembly".
Empty collection bag.
Clear out bag inlet connector. Check fan area for
debris and clean if necessary.
Clean fan and volute. See "maintenance".
Clean fan and volute. See "maintenance".
Switch off product, disconnect mains plug and
clear out obstruction as necessary (wear gloves).
Contact Service Agent.
Check the collection bag frequently for wear or deteriora-
Inspect the product and replace worn or damaged parts for
Ensure replacement parts fitted are Bosch-approved.
After-sales Service and Application Service
In all correspondence and spare parts orders, please always
include the 10‑digit article number given on the nameplate
of the product.
Great Britain
Robert Bosch Ltd. (B.S.C.)
P.O. Box 98
Broadwater Park
North Orbital Road
Denham Uxbridge
UB 9 5HJ
At you can order spare parts or arrange
the collection of a product in need of servicing or repair.
Tel. Service: (0344) 7360109
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F 016 L94 042 | (14.02.2020)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents