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GRAPHTEC CE6000 SERIES User Manual: Setting Length Of The Page

Graphtec ce6000 series cutting plotter.
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Confirm the setting and press the [ENTER] key (SET).
Setting will be set, and it will return to AREA PARAMETERS setting
screen (1/2).
Press the [PAUSE/MENU] key.
It will return to default screen.

Setting Length of the Page

Length of 1 page when using the roll media is set.
Only the part that will fit in to the set page length will be cut for the cutting data that is longer than the set page
length, and the exceeding part will not be cut.
Default setting for page length is 2 m for CE6000-40, and 5 m for CE6000-60/120. Check the setting of the page length when
cutting long length.
* Please be sure to use the basket (option) when cutting something over 2 m long.
Page ejection quality assurance goes up to 2 m for the CE6000-40 and up to 5m for the CE6000-60/120. (It depends on the media
specified by Graphtec and setting conditions.)
• Use the basket (option).
• Please use 3M Scotchcal Electrocut Graphic Film 7725-10.
• Set the speed below 30 and the acceleration below 2 (In Simple mode, there is no need to set anything, so it is not available.)
• Perform pre feed for the amount to be used before cutting.
• Leave the media in environment to use for adequate time if the deviation of temperature and humidity is big.
• Set the both push rollers at least 15mm inside the edge of media.
Set the sideway tension of the media uniform when setting the color adhesive film or recording media when cutting long length.
Media might come off the rollers while cutting if it is not uniform.
Pull out the amount to use before cutting when you are using the roll media.
To reduce the shifting of the media, perform the pre feed to the full length to be cut (see "Pre Feed of Media (Paper or Marking
). Also, pre feeding can be done automatically when the data is received (see "Perform Automatic Pre Feed When
Cut Data is Received"
is Set (Initial Feed)"
* Pre feeding will stabilize the feed by acclimating the media, taking out the slack.
This setting is maintained even after the power is turned off.
Press the [PAUSE/MENU] key.
MENU screen is displayed.
MENU screen
(Normal mode)
), or done automatically when the media is loaded (see "Perform Automatic Pre Feed When Media
MENU screen
(Simple mode)
It will return to AREA PARAMETER screen (1/2)
without changing the settings when you press
the POSITION ( ) key (CANCEL).



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