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GRAPHTEC CE6000 SERIES User Manual: Setting Feeding Method

Graphtec ce6000 series cutting plotter.
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Setting Feeding Method

Feeding method for the loaded media is set.
If you have already loaded the media, the MEDIA TYPE
menu appears. Select the media type to suit the loaded
Check that the media stopper is unlocked (Only on
CE6000-60/120) and then select a media type on the media
set setting screen.
When Selecting [ROLL-1 SET FRONT EDGE] Pressing the [1] Key
Select this when you have loaded a roll of media and you
wish to start cutting or plotting from the leading edge.
The width and leading edge of the roll media are detected.
When Selecting [ROLL-2 SET CURRENT POSITION] Pressing the [2] Key
Select this when you have loaded a roll of media and you
wish to start cutting or plotting from a point beyond the
leading edge.
Only the width of the roll media is detected.
When pressing the [3] key to select SHEET
Select this when a cut sheet has been loaded. The width,
leading edge, and trailing edge of the sheet are detected.
*This illustration is from the CE6000-120.
Release the
media lock
Media lock
Before doing the media set selection, make sure
to release the media lock on the CE6000-60/120.
The CONTINUE menu parameter appears
when the media set lever is raised and then
lowered again after media was previously
loaded, making it possible to select the
previous settings.
Pressing the [4] key to Continue (Do
the same thing as last time)
When using the same media without changing
the position of the media, the CONTINUE
function enables the continued use of the
plotting area, pen position and origin position
that were specified before the media set lever
was lowered. If the current media is the same
size as the last media that was loaded, the
plotter does not detect the media's edges.



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