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GRAPHTEC CE6000 SERIES User Manual: When The Cutting Result Is Not Good

Graphtec ce6000 series cutting plotter.
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When the Cutting Result is Not Good

• Corners are rounded.
• Corners are too sharp.
• The cut line starts out crooked.
• The blade skips and does not
completely cut lines that should be
• Straight cut lines seems to wobble.
• Coarse resolution of curved lines.
• The media curls up at the corners.
• Fine cut characters peels off.
• The blade is cutting into the backing
• The blade falls out of the tool plunger.
• Media can be cut but it is hard to weed
• Cut media cannot be pulled up using
retack sheet.
• Abnormal noise generated from the tool
carriage during cutting.
• The media is discolored where the
blade has passed.
• The cutting results differ from the
specified size.
• Currently selected cutting conditions
are disregarded or cannot be changed.
• Characters or lines are deformed during
pen plotting.
• It does not become specified length.
(Slight distance error)
• Characters are deformed.
• Complex drawings are deformed.
• The starting and end points of cutting
do not match.
Blade and OFFSET does not match.
The blade inside the plunger doesn't turn
The blade is extended too far.
The cutting speed is too high.
The software's resolution setting is too
The blade offset angle is too low.
The blade is extended too far.
Blade and OFFSET does not match.
The cutting speed is too high.
The blade is dull.
The ACCELERATION setting is too high.
The blade is extended too far.
The cutting FORCE is too high.
The blade is too small for the tool
The retack sheet is not sticky enough.
Media gets entangled during cutting.
Cleaning of cut media was postponed
too long.
Media is rubbed by the tip of the tool
The STEP SIZE has been set differently
at the computer and the plotter.
Scaling has been specified on the
The parameter priority setting is set to
The [ENTER] key was not pressed after
changing the settings.
The plotter is in cutting mode.
Distance adjust value is not correct.
The STEP PASS setting is set too high.
Coordinate points are incorrectly
The media backing is too flimsy.
Blade rotation is not smooth.
Change the OFFSET.
It is rounded: Increase the OFFSET
It is too sharp: Decrease the OFFSET
Remove dirt from inside the plunger.
Adjust the blade length.
Lower the speed setting.
Adjust the software's resolution setting.
Increase the value for the blade offset angle.
Adjust the blade length.
Change the OFFSET.
Lower the speed setting.
Replace the blade.
Lower the ACCELERATION setting.
Adjust the blade length.
Lower the FORCE setting.
Use a blade that fits securely in the tool plunger.
Switch to a stickier retack sheet.
Reduce the blade length.
Lower the FORCE setting.
Promptly weed cut media.
Adjust the blade length and the cutting FORCE
Set the STEP SIZE to same value.
Check whether scaling has been specified.
Change the setting of the priority to MANUAL.
Check the operation.
Select PEN as the tool in the CONDITION
Perform distance adjust.
Lower the STEP PASS setting.
Check the coordinate data by plotting it with a
Switch to a media with a stronger backing.
Check that there is no dirt in the blade.



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    my graphtec ce 6000-60 showing an error message: check cam_b-pcb
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    i want ce6000 series user manual pdf file