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GRAPHTEC CE6000 SERIES User Manual Page 65

Graphtec ce6000 series cutting plotter.
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Reference Pen Conditions for Plotting Pen
Pen type
Water-based fiber-tip pen
To prolong the pen life, set the FORCE to the lowest setting, and set the SPEED after checking to confirm that
there are no faint lines or other problems during plotting.
How to Improve Weedability
We recommend that you observe the following points to improve the weedability of color marking film.
Select the correct blade for the application.
CB09UB: Use this blade for general color marking film applications.
CB15UB: Use this blade for cutting small text (with a height that is less than 10 mm) on color marking film.
Use blades that are not worn.
If the blade is worn, it will not cleanly and the cut results will be difficult to weed.
Adjust the blade-length and FORCE settings until only traces of the blade are left on the backing sheet.
Specify a FORCE value that is as low as possible, but that still leaves faint traces on the backing sheet.
Set the SPEED and ACCELERATION values as low as possible.
Weed the cut results right after cutting has been completed.
If time is allowed to elapse, adhesive along the cut edges will cause the edges to stick together.
Select media with good weedability.
Recommended film types: 3M Scotchcal Electro Cut, 3M Scotchcal Master Cut.
Weeding refers to the removal of un wanted areas of vinyl from the background after the media has been cut.
Weeding is when excess from the cut media is removed from the blade.
Acceleration will become coarser, but the cut time is decreased when the settings for the speed and acceleration is set higher.
Especially with the large media, good cut quality might not be achieved by rumbling media. Decrease the values for the speed and
acceleration settings in that case.
Acceleration will become good, but the cut time will increase when the settings for the speed and acceleration is set smaller.
Part no.
KF700 series
10 to 12
Speed (cm/s)



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