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GRAPHTEC CE6000 SERIES User Manual: Panel Cutting

Graphtec ce6000 series cutting plotter.
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Panel Cutting

To prevent long skew, utilize partition length when cutting.
When Partition Pastern is on, the machine will begin by dividing up partition length and continue cutting until one of the following
data breaks appears. When the first partitioned area cut is finished, the machine will move to the next area, and repeat this until
all areas have been cut.
Data Breaks:
(1) No data sent for a few second after finishing cutting. (Time Out)
(2) A feed-related command is set. (GP-GL: F, SO commands, HP-GL: AF, AH, PG commands)
(3) HP-GL: SP0, NR, GP-GL: J0.
(4) When commands from data breaks (2) and (3) appear, that command work will begin after the partition pastern cutting is
Partition pastern cutting will continue for each piece of data when a data break is caused by a command, even if multiple pieces of
data are sent in before the cutting finishes (even when numerous pieces of partition pastern data are in the plotter buffer).
When partition pastern and auto media transfer are both turned on, the machine will ignore automatic media transfer length
settings and continue working with priority of partition length plus something minutes ago (with footprints).
When partition pastern is on, and registration marks will not be seen ignored, and copy, origin point, initial feed, and cutting area
cannot be changed.
Partition pastern cannot be done when one file of data makes the buffer full. Make sure to always send in data lower than the
buffer size
This setting will be saved even if the power is shut off.
Press the [PAUSE/MENU] key.
MENU screen is displayed.
Press the [4] key (MEDIA).
MEDIA SETTING screen (1/2) is displayed.
Perform the settings in Normal mode.



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