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Bosch ART EASYTRIM Accu 23 Original Instructions Manual page 13

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Table of Contents Page 13 Tuesday, November 18, 2014 4:33 PM
seek medical help. Liquid ejected
from the battery may cause irritations
or burns.
Do not open the battery. Danger of
Protect the battery against heat,
e. g., against continuous intense
sunlight, fire, water, and moisture.
Danger of explosion.
Do not short-circuit the battery.
There is danger of explosion.
In case of damage and improper
use of the battery, vapours may be
emitted. Ventilate the area and
seek medical help in case of com-
plaints. The vapours can irritate the
respiratory system.
Protect the battery against moisture
and water.
Store the battery only within a tem-
perature range between –20 °C and
50 °C. As an example, do not leave
the battery in the car in summer.
Occasionally clean the venting slots
of the battery using a soft, clean and
dry brush.
Safety Warnings for Battery Charg-
Keep the battery charger
away from rain or moisture.
Penetration of water in the bat-
tery charger increases the risk
of an electric shock.
Bosch Power Tools
Only charge Bosch NiCd/NiMH bat-
teries or batteries installed in
Bosch products with the voltages
listed in the technical data. Other-
wise there is danger of fire and explo-
Keep the battery charger clean.
Contamination can lead to danger of
an electric shock.
Before each use, check the battery
charger, cable and plug. If damage
is detected, do not use the battery
charger. Never open the battery
charger yourself. Have repairs per-
formed only by a qualified techni-
cian and only using original spare
parts. Damaged battery chargers, ca-
bles and plugs increase the risk of an
electric shock.
Do not operate the battery charger
on easily inflammable surfaces
(e. g., paper, textiles, etc.) or sur-
roundings. The heating of the battery
charger during the charging process
can pose a fire hazard.
Supervise children. This will ensure
that children do not play with the
Children or persons that owing to
their physical, sensory or mental
limitations or to their lack of expe-
rience or knowledge, are not capa-
ble of securely operating the
charger, may only use this charger
under supervision or after having
been instructed by a responsible
person. Otherwise, there is danger of
operating errors and injuries.
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