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Bosch ART EASYTRIM Accu 23 Original Instructions Manual page 12

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Table of Contents Page 12 Tuesday, November 18, 2014 4:33 PM
12 | English
Have the trimmer repaired only by an
authorized customer service agent.
Always ensure that the ventilation
slots are kept clear of debris.
Remove the battery:
– whenever you leave the machine
unattended for any period of time
– before replacing the blade
– before cleaning or working on the
Store the machine in a secure, dry
place out of the reach of children. Do
not place other objects on top of the
Replace worn or damaged parts for
Ensure replacement parts fitted are
Bosch approved.
Do not operate the machine with-
out the trimmer attachment fitted.
Recommendations for Optimal Han-
dling of the Battery
Ensure the switch is in the off posi-
tion before inserting battery pack.
Inserting the battery pack into ma-
chines that have the switch on can
cause accidents.
Keep the battery charger away
from rain or moisture. Penetration
of water in the battery charger in-
creases the risk of an electric shock.
Recharge only with the charger
specified by the manufacturer. A
charger that is suitable for one type of
battery pack may create a risk of fire
when used with another battery pack.
Only charge Bosch NiCd/NiMH bat-
teries or batteries installed in
F 016 L81 227 | (18.11.14)
Bosch products with the voltages
listed in the technical data. Other-
wise there is danger of fire and explo-
Keep the battery charger clean.
Contamination can lead to danger of
an electric shock.
Before each use, check the battery
charger, cable and plug. If damage
is detected, do not use the battery
charger. Never open the battery
charger yourself. Have repairs per-
formed only by a qualified techni-
cian and only using original spare
parts. Damaged battery chargers, ca-
bles and plugs increase the risk of an
electric shock.
Do not operate the battery charger
on easily inflammable surfaces
(e. g., paper, textiles, etc.) or sur-
roundings. The heating of the battery
charger during the charging process
can pose a fire hazard.
Use only Bosch battery packs in-
tended specifically for the ma-
chine. Use of any other battery packs
may create a risk of injury and fire.
When battery pack is not in use,
keep it away from other metal ob-
jects like paper clips, coins, keys,
nails, screws, or other small metal
objects that can make a connection
from one terminal to another.
Shorting the battery terminals to-
gether may cause burns or a fire.
Under abusive conditions, liquid
may be ejected from the battery;
avoid contact. If contact acciden-
tally occurs, flush with water. If liq-
uid contacts eyes, additionally
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