Protection Against Magnetic And Electromagnetic Fields During Operation And Mounting - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive
Protection Against Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields
During Operation and Mounting
LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls
⇒ Disconnect electrical power to the equipment using a
master switch and secure the switch against
reconnection for:
- maintenance and repair work
- cleaning of equipment
- long periods of discontinued equipment use
⇒ Prevent the operation of high-frequency, remote
control and radio equipment near electronics circuits
and supply leads. If the use of such equipment cannot
be avoided, verify the system and the installation for
possible malfunctions in all possible positions of
normal use before initial startup. If necessary, perform
a special electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test on
the installation.
Magnetic and electromagnetic fields generated near current-carrying
conductors and permanent magnets in motors represent a serious health
hazard to persons with heart pacemakers, metal implants and hearing
Health hazard for persons with heart
pacemakers, metal implants and hearing aids in
proximity to electrical equipment!
⇒ Persons with heart pacemakers, hearing aids and
metal implants are not permitted to enter the following
- Areas in which electrical equipment and parts are
mounted, being operated or started up.
- Areas in which parts of motors with permanent
magnets are being stored, operated, repaired or
⇒ If it is necessary for a person with a heart pacemaker
to enter such an area, then a doctor must be
consulted prior to doing so. Heart pacemakers that
are already implanted or will be implanted in the
future, have a considerable variation in their electrical
noise immunity. Therefore there are no rules with
general validity.
⇒ Persons with hearing aids, metal implants or metal
pieces must consult a doctor before they enter the
areas described above. Otherwise, health hazards will

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents