E2053 Target Position Out Of Travel Range - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

E2053 Target position out of travel range

Position limit values (S-0-0049, Positive position
limit value, S-0-0050, Negative position limit
value) incorrectly parameterized
Position limit value monitor has been activated
although it is not needed
In the case of relative interpolation, value for travel
range was set too high or several travel ranges that
are added cause effective target position (cf.
P-0-0050, Effective target position) to be outside
of position limits
In the case of absolute interpolation, preset target
position is incorrect
In "positioning block mode" one or more target
positions have been incorrectly parameterized or
incorrect positioning block is selected
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Supported by Firmware Variant:
In operating modes with internal position command value generation a
check is run, before a movement is carried out, in order to find out
whether the preset target position (S-0-0258, Target position, S-0-0282,
Positioning command value or P-0-4006, Positioning block target
position[i]) is within the allowed travel range of the drive.
The allowed travel range of the drive is defined by
• S-0-0049, Positive position limit value
• S-0-0050, Negative position limit value
The position limit value monitor and thus the monitoring of the allowed
travel range is activated in S-0-0055, Position polarities.
When the position limit value monitor has been activated and
the target position is outside the allowed travel range, the drive
stops or it does not accept the target position or positioning
block. In parameter S-0-0012, Class 2 diagnostics a warning
bit is set.
Check parameterization of position limit values and
adjust it according to desired travel range (S-0-0049,
Positive position limit value must be higher than
S-0-0050, Negative position limit value)
Deactivate position limit value monitor if it is not needed
(e. g. in modulo operation)
Check travel range (cf. S-0-0258, Target position) and,
if necessary, adjust it in control unit program
Check preset target position (cf. S-0-0258, Target
position or S-0-0282, Positioning command value)
and, if necessary, adjust it in control unit program (only
enter S-0-0258, Target position within position limit
Check parameterized target positions in P-0-4006,
Positioning block target position and block selection
(P-0-4026, Positioning block selection). In addition,
check block selection via respective master
communication (e. g. field bus or digital I/Os)
See also functional description "Position Limitation/Travel Range Limit
For "relative interpolation" see functional description "drive-controlled
For "absolute interpolation" see functional description "drive-internal
E2053 - Attributes
Mess. no.:
E2053 (hex)
Warning Diagnostic Messages (Exxxx)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents