3.11 Battery Safety; 3.12 Protection Against Pressurized Systems - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

3.11 Battery Safety

3.12 Protection Against Pressurized Systems

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Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls
Batteries contain reactive chemicals in a solid housing. Inappropriate
handling may result in injuries or material damage.
Risk of injury by incorrect handling!
⇒ Do not attempt to reactivate discharged batteries by
heating or other methods (danger of explosion and
⇒ Never charge non-chargeable batteries (danger of
leakage and explosion).
⇒ Never throw batteries into a fire.
⇒ Do not dismantle batteries.
⇒ Do not damage electrical components installed in the
Be aware of environmental protection and disposal! The
batteries contained in the product should be considered as
hazardous material for land, air and sea transport in the sense
of the legal requirements (danger of explosion). Dispose
batteries separately from other waste. Observe the legal
requirements in the country of installation.
Certain motors and drive controllers, corresponding to the information in
the respective Project Planning Manual, must be provided with
pressurized media, such as compressed air, hydraulic oil, cooling fluid
and cooling lubricant supplied by external systems. Incorrect handling of
the supply and connections of pressurized systems can lead to injuries or
accidents. In these cases, improper handling of external supply systems,
supply lines or connections can cause injuries or material damage.
Danger of injury by incorrect handling of
pressurized systems !
⇒ Do not attempt to disassemble, to open or to cut a
pressurized system (danger of explosion).
⇒ Observe the operation instructions of the respective
⇒ Before disassembling pressurized systems, release
pressure and drain off the fluid or gas.
⇒ Use suitable protective clothing (for example safety
glasses, safety shoes and safety gloves)
⇒ Remove any fluid that has leaked out onto the floor
Environmental protection and disposal! The media used in the
operation of the pressurized system equipment may not be
environmentally compatible. Media that are damaging the
environment must be disposed separately from normal waste.
Observe the legal requirements in the country of installation.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents