Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual page 426

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Rexroth IndraDrive
LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
Positioning velocity >= S-0-0091 8-24
Positive position limit exceeded 8-3
Positive stop drive procedure command 9-7
Positive travel limit exceeded 7-43
Positive travel range limit switch activated 7-47, 8-8
Power section defective 7-18
Prewarning supply module overload 8-39
Probe inputs incorrectly configured 9-63
Proceed to phase 4 9-84
Processor exception error 7-2
Programmed firmware defective 9-110
Ready for power on 6-7
real-time status bits 1-8
Recalculate actual value cycle 9-14
Refer. missing when selecting safety related end pos. 7-58
Reference cam input not assigned 9-74
Reference mark not detected 9-73
Reference missing when selecting safety related pos. 7-59
Relation TNcyc (S-0-0001) to TScyc (S-0-0002) error 9-24
cable 10-13
motor 10-12
replacing devices
drive controllers 10-7
fault report 10-6, 10-8
supply units 10-6
Reset class 1 diagnostics, error reset 9-3
RL 5-2
RL The motor type has changed. 7-78
Rotary scaling not allowed 9-40
Run PLC 4-2
Safety command for basic initialization incorrect 7-25
Safety command for clearing errors incorrect 7-69
Safety command for load defaults procedure incorrect 9-77
Safety command for system halt incorrect 7-73
Safety command for system init. incorrect 9-64
Safety command for system start incorrect 7-73
Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls 3-1
Safety rel. position limit val., exc. in neg. dir. 7-31
Safety rel. position limit val., exc. in pos. dir. 7-31
Safety related end position exceeded 7-34
Safety related limited increment exceeded 7-30
Safety related maximum velocity exceeded 7-34
Safety related operational stop active 6-10
Safety related standstill active 6-9
Safety technology configuration parameter invalid 7-26
safety technology error
commissioning 7-29
SBB 5-2
SBH 5-2
Selected process block is not programmed. 8-31
Selectively backup working memory procedure command 9-11
SERCOS error codes 7-129
Set coordinate system procedure command 9-15
Setting only possible in 'Ab' 9-87
Several motor encoders connected 9-37
SH 5-2
Shift coordinate system procedure command 9-15
Softstart fault power supply unit 7-121
Special mode motion active 6-11
Speed loop error 7-17
Spindle positioning requires drive enable 9-81
Start requires drive enable 9-92
Starting lockout active 6-6

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents