Travel Range Errors (F6Xxx); Behavior In The Case Of Travel Range Error - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

Travel Range Errors (F6xxx)

Behavior in the Case of Travel Range Error

Steps of Commissioning
LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
Travel range errors are errors associated with exceeding a travel range
previously defined via hardware or software switches; independent of the
settings in P-0-0119, Best possible deceleration and P-0-0117,
Activation of NC reaction on error the drive therefore is stopped as fast
as can.
The kind of deceleration depends on the control mode:
• closed Loop: velocity command value reset
• open Loop: under compliance with P-0-0569, Maximum stator
frequency change
See also Functional Description "Error Reaction"
In the case of travel range errors, the settings in P-0-0118,
Power supply, configuration still are taken into account.
At the end of each error reaction, the drive goes torque-free.
The drive can only be commissioned again when:
1. the error reaction has been completed, i.e. the drive has stopped
2. the error message was cleared by the error clearing command (cf.
S-0-0099, C0500 Reset class 1 diagnostics).
3. the cause of the error was removed.
4. the drive is in the operating mode again and power was switched on
5. drive enable was switched on again (0-1 edge).
Error Messages

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents