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Handling, Diagnostic and Service Functions
Fill Out Fault Report
Saving Parameter Values
Replace Controller
Put Controller Into Ready-For-
Operation Status Again
Firmware Download
Loading Parameter Values
LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
A fault report form to be copied can be found in the documentation
"Project Planning Manual for Power Section or Control Section". Please
copy this fault report, fill it out carefully and completely and enclose it to
the defective device! The fault report filled out completely supports quick
handling of repair and helps recognizing application-related failure
Replacing a Device with Stationarily Plugged MMC
When the device having a stationarily plugged MMC is switched off (MMC
used as "programming module"), the current parameter values are
automatically saved on the MMC.
Replace the controller in the following steps:
1. De-energize drive; wait for DC bus to discharge!
2. Take MMC out of device to be replaced and plug it in new device!
Live conductor bars (higher than 50 V), even if mains
voltage switched off!
Electric shock when touching!
⇒ Wait for the DC bus (L+/L-) to discharge; before
touching the conductor bar check whether below
50 V!
Notes on how to mount and dismount the controller see
documentation "Project Planning Manual for Power Section".
Put machine into ready-for-operation status again according to machine
manufacturer's instructions; then switch on control voltage!
Depending on the previous configuration of the replacement device, the
following messages can appear during the booting phase:
• "Firmware update?"
Acknowledge this message by pressing the "Enter" button of the control
panel. The firmware download is then running, the respective messages
are appearing.
The drive then is in the booting phase again and the display reads:
• "Load new Param.?"
Acknowledge the message by pressing the "Enter" button of the control
panel. The drive then completes the booting phase and in communication
phase "P1" waits for further actions of the control master.
The drive is now running again with the same firmware and
the same parameter values as before the device was
replaced. The absolute position data reference of measuring
systems is maintained!
When the MMC was not plugged in the controller before the control
voltage is switched on, the following message is displayed:
• "Load new Param.?".
Rexroth IndraDrive

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents