Commands; States/Operating States - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Basics on Device Diagnosis
Warning Classes


Drive Control Commands
Monitoring Commands
Administration Commands

States/Operating States

LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
Warnings can be divided into two classes:
• without drive reaction (E1xxx ..E7xxx)
• with drive reaction (E8xxx)
Warnings cannot be cleared externally.
Commands are used to control complex functions in the drive. The
command execution is displayed in a diagnostic message.
By means of the respective parameter that is assigned to the command, a
higher-level control unit can start, interrupt and clear commands. In
addition, some selected commands can be directly started via the control
panel of the drive controller.
There are 3 command types:
Drive control commands can only be started when drive enable was set.
They might possibly cause automatic drive motion and deactivate the
active operating mode during its execution.
Executing monitoring commands activates or deactivates monitors and
Administration commands execute administration tasks. They cannot be
Command errors are displayed with a diagnostic message,
too. By means of the first three digits (Cxx) of the diagnostic
message number it is possible to recognize which command
caused the command error.
The diagnostic status messages display the phases of communication
build-up and initialization (boot phase), operating states or the currently
active operating mode.
In the case of some diagnostic status messages the
diagnostic message number contained in parameter S-0-0390,
Diagnostic message number differs from the display at the
drive controller (see also "Operating States").
Rexroth IndraDrive

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents