Protection Against Dangerous Movements - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

Protection Against Dangerous Movements

LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls
Dangerous movements can be caused by faulty control of the connected
motors. Some common examples are:
• improper or wrong wiring of cable connections
• incorrect operation of the equipment components
• wrong input of parameters before operation
• malfunction of sensors, encoders and monitoring devices
• defective components
• software or firmware errors
Dangerous movements can occur immediately after equipment is
switched on or even after an unspecified time of trouble-free operation.
The monitoring in the drive components will normally be sufficient to avoid
faulty operation in the connected drives. Regarding personal safety,
especially the danger of bodily injury and material damage, this alone
cannot be relied upon to ensure complete safety. Until the integrated
monitoring functions become effective, it must be assumed in any case
that faulty drive movements will occur. The extent of faulty drive
movements depends upon the type of control and the state of operation.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents