Fatal Errors (F8Xxx); Behavior In The Case Of Fatal Error - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

Fatal Errors (F8xxx)

Behavior in the Case of Fatal Error

Drive Behavior
Steps of Commissioning
LSA Control S.L. www.lsa-control.com comercial@lsa-control.com (+34) 960 62 43 01
Basically there are 2 kinds of fatal errors (F8-errors):
• fatal errors during initialization (initialization errors) (e.g. F8201 and
F8203, F8118, F8120, ...)
• fatal errors during operation (e.g. F8060, F8022, ...)
Fatal initialization errors cannot be cleared, they require the
drive to be switched off completely.
In addition to completely switching off the drive, fatal errors
associated with the safety technology (e.g. F8201 and F8203)
require safety technology to be completely recommissioned.
In the case of fatal errors, closed-loop control (or open-loop U/f control) of
the drive is no longer ensured; with these errors the drive, independent of
the setting in P-0-0119, Best possible deceleration and P-0-0117,
Activation of NC reaction on error, therefore is immediately switched
off, i.e. it goes torque-free (see also Functional Description "Error
In the case of fatal errors, the settings in P-0-0118, Power
supply, configuration still are taken into account.
After a fatal error has occurred, the drive can only be commissioned again
1. the error message was cleared by the error clearing command (cf.
S-0-0099, C0500 Reset class 1 diagnostics) [to do this it might
possibly be necessary to switch to the parameter mode or switch the
drive off completely].
2. the actual cause of the error was recognized and removed. This
might possibly imply the replacement of an entire component (e.g.
motor or drive controller).
3. the drive is in the operating mode again and power was switched on
again ("Ab").
4. drive enable was switched on again (0-1 edge).
In case fatal errors are occurring repeatedly, contact our
service department as operating the drive then is no longer
Error Messages

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents