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Basics on Device Diagnosis
Change Bits in Drive Status
Masking the Change Bit
LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
master communication (S-0-0135 in the case of SERCOS) remains
set, however, until parameter S-0-0013 has at least been read
If the status of a bit in S-0-0012, Class 2 diagnostics or S-0-0013,
Class 3 diagnostics changes, the change bit for class 2 or 3 diagnostics
is set in the field bus status word (e.g. S-0-0135 in the case of SERCOS).
A change bit in the status word (bit 11 or 12) is always set due to a
change of the parameter content of S-0-0012 or S-0-0013. This enables
the master to recognize very quickly whether a change occurred in
S-0-0012 or S-0-0013.
A read access to one of the two parameters clears the respective change
bit again.
By means of the parameters S-0-0097, Mask class 2 diagnostics and
S-0-0098, Mask class 3 diagnostics it is possible to mask out certain
bits in terms of their effect on the change bit of the status word (bit 12 or
bit 11).
The figure below illustrates the principle of masking by means of an
unequal 0 ?
setting change bit in drive status word
Fig. 1-4: Generating the change bit of class 2 diagnostics
Notes on Commissioning
S-0-0012, Class 2 diagnostics
= 1
S-0-0012 at last read access
S-0-0097, Mask class 2 diagnostics
Rexroth IndraDrive

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents