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Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls
LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
Dangerous movements! Danger to life, risk of
injury, severe bodily harm or material damage!
⇒ Ensure personal safety by means of qualified and
tested higher-level monitoring devices or measures
integrated in the installation. Unintended machine
motion is possible if monitoring devices are disabled,
bypassed or not activated.
⇒ Pay attention to unintended machine motion or other
malfunction in any mode of operation.
⇒ Keep free and clear of the machine's range of motion
and moving parts. Possible measures to prevent
people from accidentally entering the machine's range
of motion:
- use safety fences
- use safety guards
- use protective coverings
- install light curtains or light barriers
⇒ Fences and coverings must be strong enough to
resist maximum possible momentum, especially if
there is a possibility of loose parts flying off.
⇒ Mount the emergency stop switch in the immediate
reach of the operator. Verify that the emergency stop
works before startup. Don't operate the machine if the
emergency stop is not working.
⇒ Isolate the drive power connection by means of an
emergency stop circuit or use a starting lockout to
prevent unintentional start.
⇒ Make sure that the drives are brought to a safe
standstill before accessing or entering the danger
zone. Safe standstill can be achieved by switching off
the power supply contactor or by safe mechanical
locking of moving parts.
⇒ Secure vertical axes against falling or dropping after
switching off the motor power by, for example:
- mechanically securing the vertical axes
- adding an external braking/ arrester/ clamping
- ensuring sufficient equilibration of the vertical axes
The standard equipment motor brake or an external
brake controlled directly by the drive controller are
not sufficient to guarantee personal safety!
Rexroth IndraDrive

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents