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Basics on Device Diagnosis
LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
The following parameters are available for function-related status display:
• S-0-0014, Interface status
This parameter displays the status of the communication phase
transition and the cyclic communication.
• S-0-0135, Drive status word
This is the status word of the master communication (SERCOS) and
contains all essential status information for the master.
• S-0-0403, Position feedback value status
This parameter contains status bits for the position data reference of
the individual measuring systems.
• S-0-0419, Positioning command acknowledge
This status information is used for acknowledgment in the "drive-
controlled positioning" mode.
• P-0-0046, Status word of current controller
This parameter contains status bits of the internal motor control (e.g.
overvoltage in DC bus).
• P-0-0115, Status word of system control
This parameter contains status bits of device control (see also "Device
• P-0-0188, Status word positioning generator
This parameter contains status bits for the positioning behavior of the
drive (e.g. "In target position").
• P-0-0222, Travel range limit inputs
This parameter displays the status of the travel range limit switch
inputs (see also "Travel Range Limit Switches").
• P-0-0223, E-Stop input
This parameter displays the status of the E-Stop input (see also "E-
Stop Function").
• P-0-0445, Status word torque/current limit
This parameter contains status bits to display the activation of
torque/current limitation (see also "Torque/Current Limit").
• P-0-0539, Holding brake status word
This parameter contains status bits for the status of the motor holding
brake (see also "Motor Holding Brake").
• P-0-0555, Controller status word
This parameter displays messages with regard to velocity and limits
that have been reached.
• P-0-4029, SCSB diagnostics
Parameter for reading master communication settings and states (with
SERCOS interface).
• P-0-4086, Master communication status
communication for handling phase switch, drive enable etc., defined
during initialization.
Status Parameters for Real-Time Status Bits
The following list contains status parameters that only contain one bit and
can therefore be used for configuring real-time status bits (see "Master
Communication: SERCOS interface"):
• S-0-0330, Message 'n_actual = n_command'
• S-0-0331, Status 'n_feedback = 0'
• S-0-0332, Message 'nactual < nx'
• S-0-0333, Message 'T >= Tx'
• S-0-0334, Message 'T >= Tlimit'
• S-0-0335, Message 'n command > n limit'
Rexroth IndraDrive

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents