A0017 Special Mode Motion Active - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

A0017 Special mode motion active

Safety Related Reduced Speed
Safety Related Direction of
Safety Related Limited
Safety Related Limited Absolute
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Supported by Firmware Variant:
The drive is in one of up to four operating states "special mode motion"
that can be differently configured and selected.
By means of the parameters
• P-0-3240, Control word for safety related motion 1
• P-0-3250, Control word for safety related motion 2
• P-0-3260, Control word for safety related motion 3
• P-0-3270, Control word for safety related motion 4
It is possible to configure different characteristics of the special mode
When a limit value of the configured and selected safety functions has
been exceeded, the drive system is brought to standstill in a safety-
related way, then the power supply is interrupted via two channels (output
stage locked).
Dangerous movements! Danger to life, danger
of injury, severe bodily injury or property
⇒ After the output stage has been locked, standstill
monitoring is not active. If external force influences
are to be expected, e.g. in the case of a vertical axis,
this motion has to be safely prevented by additional
measures, e.g. a mechanical brake or weight
The "special mode motion" can only be selected for the time
limited by P-0-3222, Max. activation time of enabling
According to selection, bit 3, 4, 5 or 6 is set in parameter
P-0-3213, Safety technology status.
Safety Functions and their Limit Value Monitors
With the safety function "safety related reduced speed" selected, the drive
moves at reduces speed. The speed monitors are active.
With the safety function "safety related direction of rotation" selected, the
drive can only move in a determined direction with reduced speed. The
speed monitors are active.
With the safety function "safety related limited increment" selected, the
drive may only travel a maximum of one fixed increment after a travel
command was executed. The drive moves at reduced speed. The speed
and position monitors are active.
With the safety function "safety related limited absolute position" selected,
the drive is under control loop control. The absolute position monitors are
active. The drive may only move within the range limits.
Status Diagnostic Messages

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents