Protection Against Electric Shock By Protective Low Voltage (Pelv) - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls
Protection Against Electric Shock by Protective Low
Voltage (PELV)
LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
To be observed with electrical drive and filter components:
High electrical voltage on the housing!
High leakage current! Danger to life, danger of
injury by electric shock!
⇒ Connect the electrical equipment, the housings of all
electrical units and motors permanently with the safety
conductor at the ground points before power is
switched on. Look at the connection diagram. This is
even necessary for brief tests.
⇒ Connect the safety conductor of the electrical
equipment always permanently and firmly to the
supply mains. Leakage current exceeds 3.5 mA in
normal operation.
⇒ Use a copper conductor with at least 10 mm² cross
section over its entire course for this safety conductor
⇒ Prior to startups, even for brief tests, always connect
the protective conductor or connect with ground wire.
Otherwise, high voltages can occur on the housing
that lead to electric shock.
All connections and terminals with voltages between 0 and 50 Volts on
Rexroth products are protective low voltages designed in accordance with
international standards on electrical safety.
High electrical voltage due to wrong
connections! Danger to life, bodily harm by
electric shock!
⇒ Only connect equipment, electrical components and
cables of the protective low voltage type (PELV =
Protective Extra Low Voltage) to all terminals and
clamps with voltages of 0 to 50 Volts.
⇒ Only electrical circuits may be connected which are
safely isolated against high voltage circuits. Safe
isolation is achieved, for example, with an isolating
transformer, an opto-electronic coupler or when
Rexroth IndraDrive

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents