Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual page 424

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Rexroth IndraDrive
LSA Control S.L. (+34) 960 62 43 01
Length of MDT (S-0-0010) odd 9-22
Limit error in parameter (-> S-0-0021) 9-18
list of diagnostic numbers 1-4
Load basic parameters command 9-6
Load def. proc. com. (load def. pr. for safety techn.) 9-5
Load defaults procedure com. (load basic parameters) 9-6
Load defaults procedure com. (load controller param.) 9-4
Load new Param. ? 4-3
Load working memory command 9-11
LOAD x 4-1
Locked with password 9-79
Loss of measuring encoder reference 7-117
Loss of motor encoder reference 7-115
Loss of optional encoder reference 7-116
Low battery voltage 7-97
Mains failure 7-122, 8-44
Manually unlocking the safety door 9-16
Max. travel range too large 9-26
Maximum acceleration exceeded 7-92
Maximum braking time exceeded 7-42
Maximum length for AT exceeded 9-21
Maximum length for MDT exceeded 9-20
Maximum travel range cannot be displayed internally 9-34
Measured values at zero point and max. value identical 9-107
Measuring encoder
encoder signals disturbed 8-38
encoder signals incorrect 7-95
Measuring encoder not available 9-118
Measuring encoder unknown 9-47
Measuring system unavailable 9-68
Measuring wheel operation not possible 9-92
messages during the firmware download 10-1
MMC not correct! 4-3
MMC was removed 7-76
Module group communication error 7-109
Modulo limitation error of measuring encoder 7-119
Modulo limitation error of motor encoder 7-118
Modulo limitation error of optional encoder 7-118
Modulo value for measuring encoder cannot be displayed 9-48
Modulo value for motor encoder cannot be displayed 9-28
Modulo value for optional encoder cannot be displayed 9-32
replacing 10-12
Motor encoder not available 9-117
Motor encoder unknown 9-29
Motor feedback data not valid 9-93
Motor overload, current limit active 8-10
Motor overtemp. prewarning 8-26
Motor overtemperature shutdown 7-84
Motor temperature monitor defective 7-85
Multiple configuration of a parameter (->S-0-0022) 9-58
Negative position limit exceeded 8-4
Negative travel limit exceeded 7-44
Negative travel range limit switch activated 7-48, 8-9
No adjustment with asynchronous motor 9-83
No encoder assigned to slot 1 9-65
No encoder selected 9-118
No IDN on MMC ! 4-2
No sequential block in target position preset memory 7-99
non-fatal error
commissioning 7-75
non-fatal safety technology error
commissioning 7-57

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents