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12. Others

Message Display

Confirmation messages or error messages will be displayed on the screen in some cases.
The major messages are described below as examples.
[Some pictures cannot be deleted]/[This picture cannot be deleted]
• This feature can only be used with pictures that comply with the DCF standard.
Perform formatting
[Cannot be set on this picture]
• [Title Edit], [Text Stamp], etc. cannot be set for pictures not based on the DCF standard.
[Memory Card Error
Format this card?]
• It is a format that cannot be used with this unit.
– Insert a different card.
– Format the card again with the camera after saving necessary data on a PC etc.
Data will be deleted.
[The lens is not attached properly. Do not push lens release button while lens is
• Detach the lens once, and then attach it again without pressing the lens release button.
Turn this unit on again, and if it is still displaying, contact the dealer.
[Lens attachment failed. Please make sure the lens is attached correctly.]
• Detach the lens from the camera body and gently wipe the contacts on the lens and the
camera body using a dry cotton swab.
Attach the lens, turn this unit on again, and if it is still displaying, contact the dealer.
[Memory Card Error]/[This memory card cannot be used]
• Use a card compatible with this unit.
[Insert SD card again]/[Try another card]
• An error has occurred accessing the card.
Insert the card again.
• Insert a different card.
[Read Error/Write Error
Please check the card]
• It has failed to read or write data.
Remove the card after turning this unit off. Insert the card again, turn this unit on, and try to
read or write the data again.
• The card may be broken.
• Insert a different card.
on this unit after saving necessary data on a PC, etc.


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