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7. Recording Motion Pictures
• When the ambient temperature is high or motion picture is recorded continuously, the camera
may display [
] and stop the recording to protect itself. Wait until the camera cools down.
• In Creative Video Mode, motion pictures are recorded at the selected ISO sensitivity; in other
modes, they are recorded using [AUTO] (for motion pictures).
• You can display the available recording time before recording in Creative Video Mode.
• When the aspect ratio setting is different in still and motion pictures, the angle of view
changes at the start of motion picture recording.
When [Rec Area] in the [Custom] ([Monitor / Display]) menu is set to [
during motion picture recording is displayed.
• The operational sound of the zoom or button operation may be recorded when it is operated
during the recording of a motion picture.
• The functions available when recording motion pictures differ according to the lens you are
using, and the operational sound of the lens may be recorded.
• If the operation sound of the motion picture button pressed to end recording bothers you, try
the following:
– Record the motion picture about three seconds longer, and then divide the last part of the
motion picture using [Video Divide] in the [Playback] menu.
– Set the camera to Creative Video Mode, and use a shutter remote control (DMW-RSL1:
optional) to record motion pictures.
• Depending on the type of the card, the card access indication may appear for a while after
recording motion pictures. This is not a malfunction.
Not available in these cases:
• Motion pictures cannot be recorded in the following cases.
– [Rough Monochrome]/[Silky Monochrome]/[Soft Focus]/[Star Filter]/[Sunshine] (Creative
Control Mode)
– When recording with the Post Focus function
– When taking pictures with [Time Lapse Shot]
– When using [Stop Motion Animation]
], angle of view


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