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5. 6K/4K Photo and Drive Settings
• The following menu items are disabled:
[Intelligent Auto]
[Creative Control]
• When [6K 18M] is set, [Aspect Ratio] cannot be set to [16:9] or [1:1].
• The following changes occur when recording 6K/4K photos:
– [Location] in [Travel Date] cannot be recorded.
– [Simultaneous Record w/o Filter] in [Filter Settings] is not available.
– It is not possible to use the HDMI output during recording.
• If you use HDMI output, settings will be adjusted as follows:
– [6K/4K Pre-Burst] will be switched to [6K/4K Burst].
– The [Pre-Burst Recording] setting will be switched from [ON] to [OFF].
• [Ex. Tele Conv.] is not available when [6K 18M] is set.
[ZOOM] is not available when [4K H 8M] or [4K 8M] is set.
• [Digital Zoom] is not available when [6K 18M] is set.
• You cannot superimpose recording dates using [Time Stamp Rec].
• When recording with [6K/4K Pre-Burst], [Step Zoom] in [Power Zoom Lens] is disabled.
• Scene Detection in Intelligent Auto Mode works the same way as when recording motion
• When the drive mode is set to 6K/4K Photo, it is not possible to take pictures while recording
motion picture. (Only when [
Not available in these cases:
• The 6K/4K Photo function is disabled when using the following settings:
– [Rough Monochrome]/[Silky Monochrome]/[Miniature Effect]/[Soft Focus]/[Star Filter]/
[Sunshine] (Creative Control Mode)
– When recording motion pictures
– When recording in [High Resolution Mode]
– When using [Multi Exp.]
[iHandheld Night Shot]/[iHDR]
[Simultaneous Record w/o Filter]
[Picture Size]/[Quality]/[AFS/AFF]/
[AF Custom Setting(Photo)] ([6K/4K Burst(S/S)] only)/
[Color Space]/[Flash]/[Long Shtr NR]/[Shutter Type]/[Shutter Delay]/
[Rec Area]/[Face Recog.]/[Profile Setup]
[Economy] ([6K/4K Pre-Burst] only)
] ([Photo Priority]) is set)


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