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4. Focus, Brightness (Exposure) and Colour tone Settings
Displaying the AF area position in the magnification window (AF Point Scope)
You can temporarily display the magnification window to check the AF area position and
• When using the [
the screen will be displayed in the magnification window.
Press and hold [Fn4] while the recording screen is
• The Focus Mode will change to [AFS].
When you press the shutter button halfway, the focus will be
readjusted with a smaller AF area.
• You can rotate the front/rear dial to adjust the magnification
: Magnifies/reduces the window in small steps
: Magnifies/reduces the window in large steps
• The AF area position and the magnification window position cannot be changed.
Setting the methods for displaying the magnification window
[Custom] >
[Keep Enlarged
[FULL]: Displays the window in full screen mode.
[PIP Display]
• If the ambient temperature is high or AF Point Scope is used continuously, after [
displayed, the magnification window may be disabled to protect the camera. Wait until the
camera cools down.
• In windowed mode, you can magnify the window by approximately 3k to 6k; in full screen
mode, you can magnify the window by approximately 3k to 10k.
Not available in these cases:
• This function is not available in the following cases:
– [Miniature Effect] (Creative Control Mode)
– When recording motion pictures
– When recording in Burst Mode
(only when [Burst Shot Setting] is set to [SH2]/[SH1]/[SH2 PRE]/[SH1 PRE])
– When recording 6K/4K photos
– When recording with the Post Focus function
– When [4K Live Cropping] is set
– When recording in [Multi Exp.]
– When using the Digital Zoom
] or [
] mode or a mode such as [
[Focus / Release Shutter] > [AF-Point Scope
Displays/hides the magnification window each time the appropriate
function button is pressed.
Displays the magnification window while the appropriate function
button is pressed and held.
Displays the window in windowed mode.
] ([Custom Multi]), the centre area of
] is


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