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5. 6K/4K Photo and Drive Settings
• The table below shows the numbers of pictures that can be taken with [SH2 PRE] and
[SH1 PRE] before the shutter button is pressed fully.
Focus Mode
About the maximum number of pictures that can be taken continuously
When you press the shutter button halfway, the maximum number
of pictures you can take continuously will appear. You can check
the approximate number of burst pictures that can be taken.
Example: When 20 pictures can be taken: [r20]
• Once recording starts, the maximum number of pictures that can be taken continuously will
• With [H], [M] or [L]: The recording speed slows down when [r0] appears.
With [SH2], [SH1], [SH2 PRE] or [SH1 PRE]: Burst recording stops when [r0] appears.
• When [r99+] is displayed, you can take 100 or more pictures continuously.
Notes on focus in Burst Mode
The way focus is achieved varies according to the focus mode setting and the [Focus/
Release Priority] setting in the [Custom] ([Focus / Release Shutter]) menu.
Focus mode
[Focus/Release Priority]
¢1 When the subject is dark, the focus is fixed on the first picture.
¢2 Burst speed takes priority, and focus is estimated within possible range.
¢3 The burst speed may become slower because the camera is continuously focusing on the
24 pictures
8 pictures
[SH2 PRE]/[SH1 PRE]/
At the first picture
Predicted focusing
Predicted focusing
Focus set with Manual Focus
8 pictures
20 20
Normal focusing


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