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9. Using Menu Functions
[Shutter Type]
Applicable modes:
Select the shutter to be used for taking pictures.
[Rec] > [Shutter Type]
Switches the shutter type automatically depending on the recording condition
and shutter speed.
Takes pictures in Mechanical Shutter Mode.
Takes pictures in Electronic Front Curtain Mode.
Takes pictures in Electronic Shutter Mode.
Mechanical shutter
The camera starts and
ends an exposure with
the mechanical shutter.
Shutter Speed
B (Bulb)
Shutter sound
¢1 This setting is available only in Manual Exposure Mode.
¢2 Up to an ISO sensitivity of [ISO3200]. When the setting is higher than [ISO3200], the shutter
speed will be faster than 1 second.
¢3 Electronic shutter sound settings can be changed in [E-Shutter Vol] and [E-Shutter Tone].
• Compared to Mechanical Shutter Mode, Electronic Front Curtain Mode produces less
shutter-induced shake, so it can minimise the influence of shutter vibration.
• Electronic Shutter Mode allows you to take pictures without causing shutter vibration.
• When [
] is displayed on the screen, pictures will be taken with the electronic shutter.
• When a moving subject is recorded with the electronic shutter, the subject may appear
distorted on the picture.
• When the electronic shutter is used under fluorescent or LED lighting, etc., horizontal
stripes may appear on the picture. In such cases, lowering the shutter speed may
reduce the effect of the horizontal stripes.
/60 to 1/8000th B (Bulb)
Mechanical shutter
Electronic Front
The camera starts an
exposure electronically,
and ends it with the
mechanical shutter.
/60 to 1/2000th
Mechanical shutter
Electronic Shutter
The camera starts and
ends an exposure
¢ 2
to 1/32000th
Electronic shutter
¢ 3


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