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10. Using the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth function
After connecting to a Wi-Fi network, you can perform the following operations by
pressing [Wi-Fi]:
[Terminate the Connection]
[Change the Destination]
[Change Settings for Sending
[Register the Current Destination
to Favorite]
[Network Address]
• Depending on the Wi-Fi function being used or the connection destination, you may not be able
to perform some of these operations.
Describing method
When "select [Select a destination from History]", etc. is
described in a step, perform any of the following operations.
Button operation:
Touch operation:
• The camera cannot be used to connect to a public wireless LAN connection.
• We strongly recommend that you set an encryption to maintain information security.
• It is recommended to use a fully charged battery when sending images.
• When the battery indicator is flashing red, the connection with other equipment may not start
or the connection may be disrupted.
(A message such as [Communication error] is displayed.)
• When sending images on a mobile network, high packet communication fees may be incurred
depending on the details of your contract.
• Pictures may not be completely sent depending on radio wave conditions. If the connection is
terminated while sending pictures, pictures with missing sections may be sent.
• Do not remove the memory card or battery or move to an area without any reception
while sending images.
Terminates the Wi-Fi connection.
Terminates the Wi-Fi connection, and allows you to select
a different Wi-Fi connection.
Refer to
Registering the current connection destination or the
connection method, you can easily connect with the same
connection method next time.
Displays the MAC address and IP address of this unit.
Select [Select a destination from History]
with the cursor button, and then press
Touch [Select a destination from History].
for details.


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