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12. Others
Taking pictures is not possible.
The shutter will not operate immediately when the shutter button is pressed.
• Is [Focus/Release Priority] in the [Custom] menu set to [FOCUS]?
You cannot take a picture until the subject is brought into focus.
The recorded picture is whitish.
• Picture might look whitish when lens or image sensor gets dirty with fingerprints or similar.
> If the lens is dirty turn the camera off and then gently wipe the lens surface with a soft, dry
> Refer to
when the image sensor gets dirty.
The recorded picture is too bright or dark.
• Is the AE Lock
Multiple pictures are taken at one time.
• Check the drive mode setting.
• Are you using the bracket function?
The subject is not focused properly.
• The subject is beyond the focus range of the camera.
• Is [Shutter AF] in the [Custom] menu set to [OFF]?
• Is [Focus/Release Priority] in the [Custom] menu set to [RELEASE]?
• Is the AF Lock
The recorded picture is blurred.
The Image Stabiliser is not effective.
• The shutter speed will become slower and the Image Stabiliser function may not work properly
when taking pictures especially in dark places.
> We recommend using a tripod and the self-timer when taking pictures with a slow shutter
The recorded picture looks rough.
Noise appears on the picture.
• Try the following:
> Decrease the ISO sensitivity.
> Increase the setting for [Noise Reduction] in [Photo Style] or lower the setting for each of
the items other than [Noise Reduction].
> Set the [Long Shtr NR] to [ON].
applied incorrectly?
applied incorrectly?


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