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9. Using Menu Functions


Applicable modes:
Set the compression rate at which the pictures are to be stored.
[Rec] > [Quality]
File format
About RAW
RAW format refers to a data format of images that have not been processed. Playback
and editing of RAW images require the camera or the dedicated software.
• You can process RAW images in [RAW Processing] in the [Playback] menu.
• Use software ("SILKYPIX Developer Studio" by Ichikawa Soft Laboratory) to process and
edit RAW files on a PC.
• RAW images are always recorded in the [4:3] (5184k3888) aspect ratio.
• When you delete an image recorded with [
images will be deleted simultaneously.
• When you play back an image recorded with [
ratio at the time of recording are displayed.
• The setting is fixed to [A] when recording is performed with the 6K/4K Photo or Post Focus
• This item is not available when [High Resolution Mode] is set.
A JPEG image in which image quality was given priority.
A standard image quality JPEG image.
This is useful for increasing the number of shots without
changing the number of pixels.
You can record a RAW image and a JPEG image ([A] or
[›]) simultaneously.
You can only record RAW images.
Description of settings
] or [
], both the RAW and JPEG
], grey areas corresponding to the aspect


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