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8. Playing Back and Editing Images

Deleting Pictures

Once deleted, pictures cannot be recovered.
To delete a single picture
In Playback Mode, select the picture to delete and
then press [
• The same operation can be performed by touching [
Press 3 to select [Delete Single] and then press [MENU/SET].
To delete multiple pictures (up to 100) or all the pictures
• Picture groups are treated as a single picture. (All the pictures in the selected picture group will
be deleted.)
• You can only delete images on one card at a time.
In Playback Mode, press [
Press 3/4 to select [Delete Multi] or [Delete All] and then press [MENU/SET].
• If you select [Delete All], all the pictures on the card of the displayed icon will be deleted.
• After selecting [Delete All], if you select [Delete All Non-rating], you can delete all pictures
except for those with ratings.
(When [Delete Multi] is selected)
Press 3/4/2/1 to select the picture, and then
press [MENU/SET] to set. (Repeat this step.)
• [‚] appears on the selected pictures.
To cancel the selection, press [MENU/SET] again.
• Pictures are displayed separately by card slot. You can
switch the displayed card by pressing [Fn1].
(When [Delete Multi] is selected)
Press [DISP.] to execute.
• Depending on the number of pictures to be deleted, it may take some time to delete them.


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