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When using in a cold climate or at low temperatures
• It may cause injury to the skin if you directly touch the metal parts of the unit in places
where temperature is very low (environments under 0 oC (32 oF), such as ski resorts or
places at high altitude) for a long period of time.
Use gloves or similar when using it for long periods.
• The performance of the battery (number of recordable pictures/operating time) may decrease
temporarily when using in a temperature between s10 oC and 0 oC (14 oF and 32 oF) (cold
places such as ski resorts or places at high altitude).
• The battery cannot be recharged in a temperature less than 0 oC (32 oF). (The [CHARGE]
indicator blinks when the battery cannot be recharged.)
• If the camera is used in cold places such as ski resorts or places at high altitude with snow or
water droplets adhered to the camera, some parts of the camera may become hard to move or
the sound may become dim with snow or water droplets freezing in the gap of the camera on/
off switch, speakers, and microphone. This is not a malfunction.
Before cleaning the camera, remove the battery or the DC coupler (optional), or
disconnect the power plug from the outlet. Then wipe the camera with a dry, soft
• When the camera is soiled badly, it can be cleaned by wiping the dirt off with a wrung wet cloth,
and then with a dry cloth.
• Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, alcohol, kitchen detergents, etc., to clean the
camera, since it may deteriorate the external case or the coating may peel off.
• When using a chemical cloth, be sure to follow the accompanying instructions.
About dirt on the image sensor
This camera features an interchangeable lens system so dirt may get inside the camera
body when changing lenses. Depending on the recording conditions, dirt on the image
sensor may appear on the recorded picture.
To prevent debris or dust adhering to internal parts of the body, avoid changing the lens in
a dusty environment and always fit the body cap or a lens when storing the camera.
Remove any dirt on the body cap before attaching it.
Dust reduction function
This unit has a dust reduction function that will blow off the debris and dust that have
affixed to the front of the imaging device.
This function will function automatically when the camera is turned on, but if you see
dust, perform the [Sensor Cleaning] in the [Setup] menu.


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