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9. Using Menu Functions
[Diffraction Compensation]
Applicable modes:
The camera raises the resolution by correcting the blurriness caused by diffraction when
the aperture is closed.
[Rec] > [Diffraction Compensation]
Settings: [AUTO]/[OFF]
• Compensation effect may not be achieved depending on the recording conditions.
• Noise may stand out with higher ISO sensitivity.

[High Resolution Mode]

Applicable modes:
This function generates a picture with enhanced resolution from pre-recorded images. It is
effective for still subjects.
• Use a tripod to minimise camera shake.
• If you are using a Panasonic interchangeable lens, its image stabiliser function will be
automatically set to [OFF].
When using a non-Panasonic interchangeable lens provided with an image stabiliser function
that can be turned ON/OFF, set it to OFF.
[Rec] > [High Resolution Mode]
Press 3/4 to select [Start], and press [MENU/SET].
• The High-Res Mode icon A will flash when shake is
It may not be possible to create pictures with the
impression of high resolution. To avoid this, hold the
camera firmly.
Decide on the composition, and perform recording.
• The screen will go dark during recording.
• The recording state indicator (red) B will flash.
Do not move the camera while the indicator is flashing.
• Recording will finish automatically.
When the recording has finished, the camera will combine
the pictures, so it will not be able to perform the next
recording for a while.
• You can proceed to the next recording.
Press [Fn2] to end High-Res Mode.


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