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12. Others
The Monitor/Viewfinder turns off although the camera is turned on.
• If no operations are performed during the set time period, [Auto LVF/Monitor Off]
activated, and the Monitor/Viewfinder turns off.
• When an object or your hand is positioned near the eye sensor, the Monitor display may switch
to the Viewfinder display.
It may flicker for an instant or the brightness of the screen may change
significantly for an instant.
• This occurs due to the aperture of the lens changing when the shutter button is pressed
halfway, or when the brightness of the subject changes. This is not a malfunction.
Monitor and viewfinder do not switch when [LVF] is pressed.
• It is only displayed on the monitor when the camera is connected to a PC or printer.
Unevenly bright parts or irregular colours appear on the Viewfinder.
• Viewfinder of this unit adopts OLED. Screen burn-in may occur on the screen/viewfinder when
a same image is displayed for a long period of time, but it does not affect the recorded images.
The colour tone of the viewfinder differs from the actual tone.
• Being a characteristic of the viewfinder of this unit, this phenomenon is not a problem.
Recorded images are not affected.
The picture is not played back.
There are no recorded pictures.
• Is the card inserted?
• Is this a folder or picture which was processed in the PC?
If it is, it cannot be played back by this unit.
> It is recommended to use the software "PHOTOfunSTUDIO" to write pictures from PC to
• Has [Playback Mode] been set for playback?
> Change to [Normal Play].
Red part of the recorded image has changed colour to black.
• When Red-Eye Removal ([
> We recommend recording images with Flash Mode set to [‰] or [Red-Eye Removal] set to
] or [
]) is performed, red parts may be corrected to black.


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