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[Recording was cancelled due to the limitation of the writing speed of the card]
• Depending on the [Rec Format] and [Rec Quality] of a motion picture, the speed class rating
required for the card differs. 6K/4K photo recording requires a card that meets a particular
speed class rating. Use a card that meets the rating.
• If the recording stops even when you are using a card that meets the speed class rating, the
data writing speed is too slow. We recommend making a backup and then format the card
Depending on the type of the card, recording may stop in the middle.
[A folder cannot be created]
• A folder cannot be created because there are no remaining folder numbers that can be used.
Format the card on this unit after saving necessary data on a PC etc.
If you execute [No.Reset] in the [Setup] menu after formatting, the folder number is reset to
[This battery cannot be used]
• Use a genuine Panasonic battery. If this message is displayed even when a genuine
Panasonic battery is used, contact the dealer or Panasonic.
• If the battery terminal is dirty, clean it and remove any objects.
[Failed to connect wireless access point]/[Connection failed]/[No destination
• The wireless access point information set on this unit is wrong.
Check the authentication type and encryption key.
• Radio waves from other devices may block the connection to a wireless access point.
Check the status of other devices that are connected to the wireless access point as well as
the status of other wireless devices.
[Connection failed. Please retry in a few minutes.]/[Network disconnected. Transfer
• Radio waves from the wireless access point are getting weak.
Perform the connection closer to the wireless access point.
• Depending on the wireless access point, connection may be automatically disconnected after
specific time has passed.
Reconnect the connection again.
[Connection failed]
• Change the access point to connect to in the smartphone Wi-Fi settings to this camera.


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