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Notes On The 6k/4k Photo Function - Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Operating Instructions For Advanced Features

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5. 6K/4K Photo and Drive Settings
Setting Pre-Burst Recording ([6K/4K Burst]/[6K/4K Burst(S/S)])
The camera starts recording approximately 1 second before the shutter button is pressed
fully, so you will not miss a photo opportunity.
[Rec] > [6K/4K PHOTO] > [Pre-Burst Recording]
Settings: [ON]/[OFF]
• When this function is enabled, [
• Auto Focus operation settings and menus that cannot be set while this function is in use are
the same as those during [6K/4K Pre-Burst] operation.
Battery drainage and camera temperature
• When the ambient temperature is high or 6K/4K photo recording is performed
continuously, the camera may display [
[6K/4K Pre-Burst], the setting will switch to [6K/4K Burst] and recording will stop. Wait
until the camera cools down.
• When [6K/4K Pre-Burst] or [Pre-Burst Recording] is set, the battery drains faster and
the camera temperature rises. Use these functions only when recording with them.

Notes on the 6K/4K Photo function

To change the aspect ratio
Selecting [Aspect Ratio] in the [Rec] menu allows you to change the aspect ratio for 6K/4K
To record the subject with reduced blur
You can reduce the blur of the subject by setting a faster shutter speed.
Set the mode dial to [
Set the shutter speed by rotating the rear dial or the front dial.
• Approximate shutter speed for outdoor recording in fine weather conditions:
1/1000 seconds or faster.
• If you increase the shutter speed, the ISO sensitivity becomes higher, which may
increase the noise on the screen.
Shutter sound for recording
• When using [6K/4K Burst] or [6K/4K Pre-Burst], you can change the electronic shutter sound
settings in [E-Shutter Vol] and [E-Shutter Tone].
• When recording with [6K/4K Burst(S/S)], you can set the start/stop tone volume in [Beep
• High-speed burst recording can be used quietly when used in combination with [Silent Mode].
] is displayed on the recording screen.
] and recording may stop. If you are using


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