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5. 6K/4K Photo and Drive Settings
Scenes not suitable
Recording in extremely bright locations or indoors
When subjects are recorded in an extremely bright place or under fluorescent/LED
lighting, the colour tone or brightness of the image may change, or horizontal stripes may
appear on the screen.
Lowering the shutter speed may reduce the effect of the horizontal stripes.
Subjects that are moving fast in the horizontal direction
If you record a subject moving fast in the horizontal direction, the subject in the recorded
pictures may appear distorted.
The camera's setup for the 6K/4K Photo function
The camera's setup is automatically optimised for 6K/4K photo recording.
• The following [Rec] menu items are fixed to the settings below:
[Picture Size]
• 6K/4K burst files are recorded with the settings indicated below:
Settings in the [Motion Picture] menu are not applied to 6K/4K burst files.
[Rec Format]
[Rec Quality]
¢ Switches to a setting that matches the [Picture Size / Burst Speed] setting.
• When recording with the 6K/4K Photo function, the ranges for the following functions differ from
the ones available for taking pictures:
– Shutter speed: 1/30th (1/60th when [4K H 8M] is set) to 1/16000th
– [Min. Shtr Speed]: [1/1000] to [1/30] ([1/60] when [4K H 8M] is set)
– Exposure Compensation: j3 EV to
– ISO sensitivity: [AUTO], [200] to [12800] ([100] to [12800] when [Extended ISO] is set)
• When recording with the 6K/4K Photo function, the following functions are disabled:
– Flash
– Bracket Recording
– Programme Shift
– Focus mode (AFF)
[6K] (18M)
[4K] (8M)
3 EV
– [AF Mode] (
– [MF Assist] ([6K/4K Pre-Burst] only)
– White Balance (
[Shutter Type]
[Continuous AF]
[Luminance Level]
[0-1023] (for 6K
photo recording)
[0s255] (for 4K
photo recording)


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