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Removing dirt on the image sensor
The image sensor is very precise and delicate, so be sure to observe the following when
you do have to clean it yourself.
• Blow off the dust on the surface of the image sensor with a commercially available blower
brush. Be careful not to blow too strongly.
• Do not put the blower brush further inside than the lens mount.
• Do not let the blower brush touch the image sensor as the image sensor may get scratched.
• Do not use any objects except a blower brush to clean the image sensor.
• If you cannot remove the dirt or dust with the blower, consult the dealer or Panasonic.
For care of the viewfinder/Eye cup
• Before you remove stains on the viewfinder and
eye cup or start other types of cleaning, remove
the eye cup ( 1 ). Blow away the dust on the
viewfinder surface with a blower (commercially
available), and wipe the surface lightly with a dry,
soft cloth. Attach the eye cup after the cleaning
( 2 ).
• Be careful not to lose the eye cup.
• Keep the eye cup out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
About the Monitor/Viewfinder
• Do not press the monitor with excessive force. Uneven colours may appear on the monitor and
it may malfunction.
• If the camera is cold when you turn it on, the picture on the Monitor/Viewfinder will be slightly
darker than usual at first. However, the picture will return to normal brightness when the internal
temperature of the camera increases.
Extremely high precision technology is employed to produce the Monitor/
Viewfinder screen. However there may be some dark or bright spots (red, blue or
green) on the screen. This is not a malfunction. Though the Monitor/Viewfinder
screen parts are produced with highly controlled precision technology, some
pixels may be inactive or always lit. The spots will not be recorded on pictures
on a card.


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