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10. Using the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth function
Send Images Stored in the Camera
Images can be selected and sent after recording.
[Single Select] setting
Select the picture.
Select [Set].
[Multi Select] setting
Select the picture. (repeat)
• The setting is cancelled when the picture is selected
• Pictures are displayed separately by card slot. You can
switch the displayed card by pressing [Fn1].
• You can only select images on one card at a time.
Select [OK].
Not available in these cases:
• Images recorded with a device other than the camera and images modified or edited on a PC
may not be sent.
Changing the settings for sending images
Pressing [DISP.] after completing a connection allows you to change the settings for
sending such as the image size for sending.
[File Format]
(Destination: Only
[Smartphone], [PC])
[Delete Location
(Destination: Only [Cloud
Sync. Service], [Web
[Cloud Limit]
(Destination: Only [Cloud
Sync. Service])
Resize the image to send.
[Original]/[Auto]/[Change] ([L], [M], [S] or [VGA])
• [Auto] is available only for [Web service]. It changes the image size
according to the status of the destination.
Select whether to delete the location information from images before
sending them.
• This operation only deletes the location information from the images
that are set to be sent.
You can select whether to send images when the Cloud Folder runs
out of free space.
Do not send images.
Delete images from the oldest ones, then send new images.


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