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9. Using Menu Functions
Taking a picture with and without an image effect simultaneously ([Simultaneous
Record w/o Filter])
You can press the shutter button once and take two pictures simultaneously, one with an
image effect and the other one without it.
[Rec] > [Filter Settings] > [Simultaneous Record w/o Filter]
Settings: [ON]/[OFF]
• A picture with an image effect will be taken first, followed by a picture without it.
• Only an image with an image effect is displayed for Auto Review.
Not available in these cases:
• In the following case, [Simultaneous Record w/o Filter] does not work:
– Recording still pictures while recording a motion picture (only when set to [
– When recording 6K/4K photos
– When recording with the Post Focus function
– When recording in Burst Mode
– When [Quality] is set to [
– When recording with the Bracket function
– When using [Time Lapse Shot]
– When using [Stop Motion Animation]

[Color Space]

Applicable modes:
Set this when you want to correct the colour reproduction of the recorded pictures on a
PC, printer etc.
[Rec] > [Color Space]
Colour space is set to sRGB colour space.
This is widely used in computer related equipment.
Colour space is set to AdobeRGB colour space.
AdobeRGB is mainly used for business purposes such as professional
printing because it has a greater range of reproducible colours than sRGB.
• Set to [sRGB] if you are not very familiar with AdobeRGB.
• The setting is fixed to [sRGB] in the following cases.
– When recording motion pictures
– When recording 6K/4K photos
– When recording with the Post Focus function
], [
] or [
] ([Video


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