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Before Use

Care of the camera

Do not subject to strong vibration, shock, or pressure.
• The lens, monitor, or external case may be damaged if used in the following conditions.
It may also malfunction or image may not be recorded if you:
– Drop or hit the camera.
– Press hard on the lens or the monitor.
Splash Proof
Splash Proof is a term used to describe an extra level of protection this camera offers
against exposure to a minimal amount of moisture, water or dust. Splash Proof does not
guarantee that damage will not occur if this camera is subjected to direct contact with
In order to minimise the possibility of damage please be sure the following precautions are
– The Splash Proof feature works in conjunction with the lenses that were specifically designed
to support this feature.
– The camera is not designed to be dust and splash proof when the USB connection cable is
– Make sure that all doors, socket caps and terminal covers are securely closed.
– Make sure that you are in a dry and secure place when changing the battery, lens or memory
card. After changing, make sure their protective doors are securely closed.
– If this camera is exposed to water, sand or any other foreign material clean it as soon as
possible, taking the necessary precautions that the foreign substance does not get inside the
If sand, dust, or liquids such as water droplets adhere to the monitor, wipe them off with a
dry soft cloth.
– Not doing so may cause the monitor to respond incorrectly to touch operations.
– If the monitor is closed when such liquids are present, malfunction may result.
When using in cold temperatures (
– Attach a Panasonic interchangeable lens with a minimum recommended operating
temperature of s10 oC (14 oF) before use.
Do not place your hands inside the mount of the digital camera body. Since the
sensor unit is a precision apparatus, it may cause a malfunction or damage.
If you shake the camera while it is turned off, its sensors may move or a rattling sound
may be heard. The sound is caused by the In-Body Image Stabiliser, and this is not a
C to 0
C (14 oF to 32 oF)):


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